Variable font dumb question

Here is my dumb question regarding my first variable font. I have a request where I need to create a variable font with a custom axis, where characters are replaced by other vector shapes. I have created the axis, and set the masters, but exporting from v3 demo as variable, the variable slider does not work in AI 2020.
I have set the vectors to have the same number of points, and I have checked Correct Path Direction for all masters.

I guess I am missing something, but I dont know what…

Attached are the 2 shapes (master1 and master2)

Do you want the left shape to smoothly morph into the right shape? Or should the shapes be swapped instantaneously? In the latter case, see the following tutorial:

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It might be a problem with Illustrator. Try the font in or in the app FontGoggles.

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Thank you, yes exactly (smooth morph).

Thank you, tried both. Looks that I need some work on shape morphing, but I dont know where to start…

Then you need to make the shapes compatible. See the Multiple Masters tutorials.

Yes, do not rely on Adobe apps for testing variable fonts.

Thank you very much. Will try and get back.