Variable Font export: Can't convert to compatible TrueType curves. (Smart components)


I found other topics with this same error, but am a bit clueless still why this happens. My Glyphs version is 2.5.1 (1136), and I get this error with various glyphs that use smart components.

  • The composed glyphs / the font exports fine as interpolated OTF
  • “Fix compatibility” doesn’t show anything weird
  • “Show Master Compatibility” seems ok as well on both components (Eng, …ogonek, dollar)
  • I’ve tried renaming the in question to A to make it first in the export run and it seems fine, only alerting of outline problems once it reaches another component glyph with a smart component
  • “Masters incompatible” filter doesn’t show any glyphs

Any ideas about what to check or what could cause this?


Can you send me the .glyphs file?

Done, thanks for taking a look!

I’ve had a similar issue, but was able to fix the problem by dissecting the smart component node by node. Sometimes it all looks fine, and shows no errors, but then there is some kind of node/handle somewhere unaccounted for.

I am at a loss here; is this still an issue?
I turned some diacritics into Smart Components (I thought that would be useful for decreasing the width of diacritics over the “I” in extended masters. This might be unwise, I am unsure) and now I get the “glyphs are not compatible” error when trying to export a variable fonts file. I sometimes got the addendum about compatible TrueType curves as well, but not anymore.
I used the Red Arrow plugin but can’t find any problems in the error-inducing glyphs.
I am pretty certain it has to do with Smart Components because in a version I saved just before the Smart Components escapade I can export VF just fine.
I’ll send the file to support in case you have the chance to look at it.
Thanks in advance for any help!

Do the glyphs that are reported as incompatible use open corners in their components?

Can you send me the .glyphs file? Send a dropbox link (or something similar) in an email or a private massage here on the forum.

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The only paths that are open are the corner components, and those never caused any trouble.

This is now fixed as of 3.0.5 (3125) :black_heart:
Thank you!