Variable font export error (compatible TrueType curves)

Using the latest Glyphs 3 build (3076), I get the following error when exporting a variable font:

These glyphs are not compatible: rehHahabove-ar
Can’t convert to compatible TrueType curves.

I sent a file with the affected glyph to support email address.

The paths of the hah shape is clock wise. In the Thin master, the overlap in the middle is a ‘outside overlap’ (it looks like it is inside, but because of the wrong path direction it is treated as outside). If you fix the path direction, it works correctly.

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Thanks, that indeed fixed it. Is there a way to debug this kind of issue in the future? I tried to look before reporting, but couldn’t see anything obvious.

That seems to be a task for an outline validation tool like “Red Arrows”.

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If I may add to this topic, I also often get those export errors, and they are really hard to debug, because:

  • only one glyph is reported at a time, so if you fix one, there may be 10 or 100 more, you can’t know unless you export the font again
  • There is no indication in the glyph as to what may be the problem
  • Sometimes the errors are actually in another glyph than reported, e.g. when you have a “Rename Glyphs” custom parameter.

It would be really helpful if the error message could be more specific.


The error should report all problematic glyphs, now.
I’ll try to think of a way to report this in the glyphs directly.

Currently this VF which had those conversion errors before doesn’t export at all but crashes Glyphs: sudo-font/Sudo.glyphs at master · jenskutilek/sudo-font · GitHub (I also sent a crash report)

I fixed the export problem in Sudo.