Variable font export error: outside transparent overlaps

Gyphs 3112

Hello, I am running into an issue which appears quite difficult to crack. I am trying to export a project as a variable font and am receiving the error “Incompaible outlines. This can be caused by transparent overlaps.” for the glyph six.blackCircled (and six.circled if I set the former to non-exporting). These glyphs are built from six.dnom and a circle component, which each export fine themselves. The problem is not the overlap of the components, as six.circled experiences the same issue, where there is no overlap of the component paths.

Any ideas? Thank you!

The outside corner thing is only one reason why this can happen.
Can you send me the file that I can have a look?

Can you try to set the “Mask” checkbox for the six.dnom component?

I sent you the file, thank you. After that, I tried the Mask thingy (and un-ticked “Reverse”). It works, thanks a lot. Why is this?

Umm, actually, no, it doesn’t work, now I get “Can’t convert curves to compatible TrueType outlines” for both six.blackCircled and nine.blackCircled.

I seem to have found at least one pointer as to where the issue arises. When I decompose the components, the overlap in the component six.dnom is removed. This makes the glyph incompatible, as the open corner is closed (“sharpened” :roll_eyes:).

Above: Component six.dnom inside six.circled after decomposing
Below: Actual component six.dnom with open corner


If I move the smooth node from the wide master upwards to be outside of the open corner, it works:

Did anyone ever find a solution to this? I’m having the same issue and nothing that i can think of is wrong, masters are compatible etc…

Can you explain what exact problem you have?

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The problem is still the same as described in my last post: if I use a component like six.dnom in six.blackCircled, for export, the component six.blackCircled is decomposed, but with overlap removed (open corners become closed). So it becomes incompatible. Is there some way of decomposing these glyphs on export but not removing overlap?

@GeorgSeifert I have a file that started giving “Incompatible outlines. This can be caused by outside transparent overlaps.” error when trying to export a variable .tff
All masters are compatible, so I’m not sure where the error is, happy to share file if it helps?

Check for glyphs that contain open corners and in which nodes disappear inside open corners.

The overlap is removed because when the outline is used as a negative shape, those overlaps become outside corner overlaps and would be visible.

You can try to set it up manually with outlines to see for yourself.

True, I’d forgotten about that. Thanks.

Some of the problematic glyphs are not even having points as they’re components, do you have any input on what else could cause this?

It still can be that same problem when the components are decomposed. Can you send me the file that I can have a look?