Variable font export not working correctly with 3 masters and 2 axes

Glyphs 3 version 3.0.5 (3131), but tested in 3.0.4 (3108) too.

Exporting a variable font with 3 masters and 2 axes (tried different combinations of weight, width, optical size, italic etc) results in one axis getting weirdly collapsed/erased and the other axis getting scaled up. (Even though the letterforms are drawn at the same scale, on one end of the axis it’ll be normal scale that I drew it at and the other end it’s like 3x bigger.)

Tried on a bunch of different files and with different settings and couldn’t find a solution so I think it’s a bug on the export. Only solve that worked was to copy and paste to Glyphs 2 and export from there where it worked perfectly.

Can you send me a sample file?

You need to set the “Regular” master as the origin of the design space. Have you read this: Creating a variable font | Glyphs

!!! That worked! Thanks for the help. I have read that article so many times, but never needed to set an origin on a variable font before; it always worked perfectly for me without doing that. Will be aware of it going forward. Thanks again!!