Variable Font Export weight class

Hi guys! Variable font export should not give the option to add usWeightClass parameter? IIRC in a VF, usWeightClass should match the default instance weight. For instance in a font with default 100 I got usWeightClass 400.


Thanks. I’ll fix this.


Kind of related, having the possibility to set fsSelection manually will be good. I found that every VF from Glyphs gets “Regular”. When having a family where Italics are in a separate file even with a proper STAT table it seems that style linking doesn‘t work properly unless fsSelection and macStyle are set to “Italic”.

Also I found that using Localized Family Name parameter on a Variable font setting is not working as expected. ID 1 uses the parameter but also adding the string in the “Name” field.
For instance, Localized Family Name is “My Font VF” and Name is “Italic” then ID 1 end up being “My Font Italic” when I expect just “My Font VF”.

Hi @GeorgSeifert! Any news regarding setting usWeightClass to the VF’s default?

The OT Spec says:
In a variable font that implements ‘wght’ variations, the value in the usWeightClass field of the OS/2 table must match the default ‘wght’ value specified in the ‘fvar’ table.

Thanks for the heads up. I fixed it.

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Is this already been shipped? I’m on the latest version but getting the same issue.

It will be properly fixed in the 3.2 update.

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