Variable font ignores a master but OTF works well

I’m trying to set a 4-axis variable font. Everything works well, except that my variable font in all apps (web too) seems like ignoring the shape of one master :((. The range of the axis is correct but the shape is crazy one. I’m pretty sure the master’s axis coordinates are ok.

That’s how it interpolates

This is the difference between effect and the master (in the exact order)

Four axis are not fully supported for variable fonts. I’m working on it.

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Thx! I was sure that’s my mistake. Thank you for all the work :slight_smile: the App is great. Could you possibly predict when 4-axis v-fonts may be supported?

Could you send me the file for testing?

Those components are locked. Right click > unlock component

I’m afraid I don’t understand :frowning: Which components? And where to right click. I’m probably compromising myself but have no idea.

Put this in your Macro Window and press Run:

for g in Font.glyphs:
	for l in g.layers:
		if l.isMasterLayer or l.isSpecialLayer:
			hasLockedComponent = False
			for c in l.components:
				if c.locked:
					hasLockedComponent = True
			if hasLockedComponent:

if layersWithLockedComponents:
	t = Font.newTab()
	t.layers = layersWithLockedComponents
	for l in layersWithLockedComponents:
		print l
	print "No locked components found."

It will open a tab with all layers containing locked components. You unlock by right-clicking the component in question and choosing Unlock.

Also, I use no components in those… maybe I’m doing sth wrong