Variable font in height

Maybe someone here can help me :pray:
Can i do variable font in height?
For example, instead regular and bold - regular and high?

Thanks for the helpers


You can take any of the official ‘registered’ axes: Weight, Width, Italic, Slant, Optical Size, and a range of proposed new axes. Or, you can make up your own ‘private’ axis.

See the Creating a Variable Font tutorial

Hey there !
I’m working on a variable height font.
As variable height axis is not really something, the variable font format is made for, I’m facing some issues and I have some questions I’d love to share with those who had this weird idea too ! :sweat_smile:
@Danagofont did you make the font ?
Has anybody else tried to work on variable height font ?

I don’t really know what you mean by

But as for your question: yes, there are people who made variable fonts with a height axis (including myself) :slight_smile:

Hey @ddaanniiieeelll and thaks for your answer.
I meant that changing letters height could result in olverlapping text lines as line-height is not modified by variable fonts.
I’m so glad you worked on a variable height font too ! :smiley:
Where can I see it ? How did you manage that line-spacing problem ?

Unfortunately, no. There have been many questions and issues with the variable height font, but i would love if you would share with me your work and the solutions you have found :sweat_smile: :pray:

I guess it depends on the intended usage?
I mean if you have text, set it in a variable font and get overlapping letters as a result of increasing the height you could just increase the line space in your layout?
I think I don’t really understand in what situation you encounter this overlapping lines problem and it cannot be solved by increasing the distance between your lines :grimacing:

@Danagofont sorry to hear that… This place is made for sharing our knowledge !

@ddaanniiieeelll Of course I chose a xtra large line-height to avoid overlapping lines problem, but it comes with small inconveniences :
The default-size text lines are way too far.
The selection of text is a little bit uneasy as the height of the clickable zone does not match the letter height.

I’d love to take a look at your variable height font, is it available somewhere ?
Did you passed the Monotype font validator ?

Critical errors are found with my early tests : Failed to parse table and Failed to sanitize file!

But how is it supposed to look if you have default sized letters and very large letters in the same line? I mean I’m not sure I understand what you’re trying to achieve :grimacing:

It was never meant for a release, and I have no intent on working with monotype ever, sorry :smiley:

I’m working on a VF with 2 axis : height & width.
Here is a preview :

I understand you don’t want to work with Monotype, but their font inspector is quite good at finding problems ! :smiley:
Is there a way I can take a look at your font somewhere @ddaanniiieeelll ?

No, as it is not a functioning font, but more an experiment.

But in your video it looks like everything works perfect?

Too bad you don’t share your work… I’d love to see what you did !

You’re right, @ddaanniiieeelll, my first tests are working (even I still have some problems with a few letters) but I don’t know what to choose for this line-space question :
Do I have to set it up at the largest value possible although the default height seems really small ? Or do I choose a medium line-spacing (but it will overlap in the highest axis values) ?

And I’m a little bit afraid by the Monotype font validator results ! :scream:
(I’ve never seen all those errors with my previous fonts…) Don’t know if it is because of the variable format (which I try for the 1st time…)

Is there a way to set one master as the default size of a variable font ?

The best answer is in the tutorials.

Read this section: Optional: setting a different origin

I’ve found the answer in that tutorial, Thanks @George_Thomas !
So I will try to create a medium height default size so users won’t be disturbed at the beginning when typing/selecting text.