Variable font in Illustrator bug: changing alternative ligatures by hand

Hey everyone,
I’m working with alternative ligatures in stylistic sets.
Everything works fine in Illustrator, except for when the ligatures are enabled by hand, either by inserting from the glyphs palette or by highlighting the ligature in the text and selecting the alternative from the small drop down menu.

The interpolation still works while dragging the slider but the alternative ligature jumps back once the slider is released. After that the slider does nothing and the variable font button in the menu is greyed out.

An easy workaround is to just access the alternative ligatures by the stylistic set menu. I was wondering though, if there’s a solution for this bug.

The bug doesn’t occur by other stylistic alternates which aren’t ligatures. I tried renaming the glyphs (O_O.liga.ss03 or O_O.ss03) but the bug remains.

Thanks a lot!

That sounds like a bug in Illustrator. Can you try in Indesign and Photoshop?

Indesign and photoshop are working fine. Only Illustrator is a problem.

Then you should report that to Adobe and hope that they fix it.

alright, thank you!