Variable Font Interpolation/Handle errors

Hi there.

I am exporting a Variable Font from a roman I have drawn with 3 masters. When exporting instances out from Glyphs, there are no interpolation issues, however, when I export the font as a Variable Font, my /tilde.comb is completely ruined. I have tried viewing in FontView and hosting online locally, and I have the same issue. It appears that the handles are being completely thrown out, and I can’t see any information in the drawing environment that would pertain to why this is happening.

I have included an image below of the tilde in the drawing environment, the instances in the preview pane, as well as closeups of the issue in FontView.

Is this something that I’m missing, or is there a more in-depth way to proof the Variable Font .ttf that’s being exported? Completely lost on what’s causing this.

This may help

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Thanks Jakob, amazed I didn’t know this existed. It did indeed help, it’s cleared the issue up entirely. I’ve had a pretty inconsistent attitude and approach to inflections in my work, but it would appear they’re necessary for Variable Fonts…

Good to know moving forward, I suppose hyper-tensile beziers don’t make for good translations.

The latest cutting edge version is handleing inflections property.