Variable Font: Kerning issue

I’ve doubts about kerning. Can you help us?

We’re currently adapting a variable typeface. This typeface has two masters (an ultra condensed and an ultra expended, both thin weights**).** I can adjust the kerning in these two masters, but when I try to adjust it on the interpolation between the two, it doesn’t seem to work (there’s always a locket sign).

Master ultra condensed

Master ultra expanded

The interpolation between the two masters where I want to adjust the kerning

Is there any option available on the Glyphs app so that I can make this revision/correction?
I’ll be waiting for your thoughts on this,

Thank you for any advice!

You can’t have kerning on brace layers. You need a full master for this.

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By the way, it seems like there might be some misunderstanding of that sign: locked is group kerning, unlocked is exception from it. You probably don’t need OT to be an exception.