Variable font kerning issues

Hello! I’m new to Glyphs (former Fontlab type designer). I really like Glyphs as a type designer tool, it’s so intuitive! However, I have an issue with a variable font, I’m designing at the moment. When I export the font as a ttf. file, the kerning really acts strange and doesn’t respond to the kerning values I made. I have read many other threads about this topic, so I’m aware of the fact that the older Mac OS could be the cause, but I’m running the latest OS.

How are you testing the font? Does it display correctly in, for example? For testing in Adobe apps, see this:

Can you try the latest cutting edge version? Activate it in Preferences > Updates.

Thanks! I’ll look into it :slight_smile:

Hmm, it still acts weird.

Does it work correctly in Font Gauntlet?

What is your master setup?

Same issues there.

I the following masters: Light, Bold and Black. In between I have the following Exports:
Light, Regular, Medium, Bold, Extra Bold and Black.

Is there a way to generate a Kern feauture list for each master, that sort of controls each master?

If you have only three masters, then the variable export should be fine. Can you check if the pairs are defined the same in all masters. Meaning that you don’t have exceptions in one master and not the other? I recommend to have only class kerning even if there is only one glyph in the groups. Then you can find real exceptions much easier.

Thanks, I’ll check up on the pairs.

If you can’t find anything, please send me the file.

Thanks, I’ve sent you a message :slight_smile:

Has nothing to do with Variable. You have a bunch of kerning in the RTL mode.

run this in the macro window to get rid of it:

Font.kerningRTL = None

And you really need to use anchor: Diacritics | Glyphs

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Ok, thanks!