Variable Font not Using Designed Masters

I’m working on designing a variable icon using the features of variable typefaces—so many masters and possibilities on one character. All my nodes are compatible and mapped appropriately, and I believe I’ve set up the masters correctly (designing every possibility) but when I export as a variable font some of my poles aren’t rendering correctly.

From Left to Right:
Here is my Font Info for this master.
And the drawn Master.
And the resulting character in Illustrator that’s very broken.

Am I missing something? Or have I done something horribly wrong? I Understand the project is complex, but it works with three variables—the addition of a fourth seems to have broken the renderings.

Glyphs has a problem with variable fonts that have off axis masters in more then three axis. In your case you might very well be good with only the on axis masters.

So could I use an on axis master so Glyphs would recognize the verbiage, but keep the transformations the same?

I would add one master for each axis. With shapes like that it should work. And is much less work.