Variable font not working on Adobe softwares

Hello devs :slight_smile:
Can you please help me fixing this axis issue on adobe softwares?
A have a var font (actually a logo) on glyphs 3 and the axis works perfectly on var font preview and font goggles. But when i export the font to use it on Illustrator, axis and instances doesnt work at all.

I can share my glyphs and TTF files

Thank you in advance!!

Does it work in browsers or FontGoggles? If so, you experiencing an Adobe bug.

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Yes, apparently. So it’s an Adobe bug.

Lesen sollte man können. :face_with_spiral_eyes:

Problem solved!
Apparently the adobe softwares only recognize variable font if all the basic glyphs have something on it.

So I copied the logo that was on A glyphs for the rest of the alphabet and it worked.
Simple but annoying adobe issue…