Variable Font Not Working

Testing on Mac Font View and Illustrator: Only the weight slider works, the optical size slider doesn’t work. What am I missing?

Do I have to export the Width Axis (even though I don’t use it)? But when I don’t, I get an even stranger result.

The instances export well, only the variable file is not working properly.

Depends on your setup. You can send your file to support at this domain dot com.

The Axes you define overwrite the axes names in the masters. So if you have Weight and Optical Size, you need to put the optical size interpolation in the Width fields.

But now as I try to remove the values from the Custom Field (I had a third Axis) I get an error message: The value cannot be empty.
This happens both on the masters and on the instances.

Ok I got it, the value must always be zero even when I don’t use that axis.

Doesn’t work. The second slider doesn’t work.

Same here, the second slider does not work.
By the way, will Glyphs be able to export CFF-based variabele fonts? Any particular reason to only do TTF for now?

I just had a look how Adobe is building the CFF2 fonts. I’ll see what I can do.

There is a bug that the default master needs have the smallest axis value. @Natanael, set your optical size masters to 200 (instead of zero) and it will work. I’ll fix this.

Still not working, can you send me back the file I gave you, but corrected?

Has any progress been made on Glyphs making CFF Variable Fonts?

Not yet. Anything you miss out with the TT based version?

I avoid TrueType as much as possible. I also don’t like the idea that my outlines will get converted to TrueType curves.