Variable font point structure

Hello, I am wondering how to solve a specific drawing problem. I have the following two shapes:

I thus want to use the open corners to interpolate between a shape with a straight segment (first screenshot) and one with the curve being cut off (second screenshot). Is this possible? Currently, my solution gives me this in the second master:

Using two extra alternate layers seems to be quite a hassle, but I assume it’s the only possibilty…?

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This is not possible to export as a variable font. Static instance are fine.

You need to add a bracket layer to switch shapes when you start to cut into the round part.

I solved it using intermediate layers only:

Master 1:

Intermediate layer 1:

Intermediate layer 2:

Master 2:

Interesting approach, but same thing in 1 extra step? :slight_smile:

@SCarewe that doesn’t look like it should export. because there are two nodes per corner in the lower masters but only one in the top (the outside overlaps are removed on export and reduced to one node). It will report as compatible in the edit view but will not export as a variable font.

I’m afraid I am too stupid to figure this out. I can’t get the correct setup for the alternate layers, I don’t understand enough how it works.

I have prepared a file in which I try to get the two shapes to interpolate (I already closed the corner in the bolder master). The axis location at which the cut starts is 270. Would someone™ have a moment to help me out here? Thanks a lot!

Curve_Straight_Interpolation.glyphs (1.3 KB)

You just need a layer where the offcurve is upright and the oncurves are overlapped. Since to avoid kinks you need to keep either the angle or the ratio (distance), with this setup ‘above’ that layer you keep the angle and ‘below’ the ratio, so they never change at the same time.

Works in italic too, except the offcurve will be at the italic angle.

Curve_Straight_Interpolation.glyphs (2.6 KB)

Alright, sorry, I over-simplified the file I prepared. Thank nontheless! This solution does work, but ideally, I want to work with open corners in my black master. I want to be able to interpolate between outlines from the first screenshot and these outlines:

I guess in that case the only difference is that Glyphs turns that corner into one point on export and masters are not compatible, right? Maybe a filter plugin that removes such overlaps and leaves two points would do?

But the layer should be the same: upright handle when oncurve is on that intersection.

Yes, for variable fonts, the open corners are flattened to one node.

I am now using the approach of closing the corner and doubling the node, that will definitely be easiest for now. as Georg pointed out earlier, though, there should be some possibility of usinf alternate layers, but I can’t figure out how.

What about this?
Curve_Straight_Interpolation.glyphs (1.4 KB)

That works, neat solution! Thanks a lot! Still not 100% what I would like to achieve with my open corners, but it’s already very good. I appreciate it!

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