Variable font sidebearing goes wild

Hi there, with the latest version this bug appeared. Glyph file worked before, statics are not affected!? All they have in common, they are component based.


Looks like it’s a problem with the components. As soon as I decompose them the sidebearing is back to normal.

Can you send me the file?

Thanks for the file.

The problems are caused by brace layers in the components in those glyphs. I’ll see if I can fix this.

I think I have fixed this one. Hopefully nobody was relying on this behavior.

Thanks Georg, unfortunately it’s still not working. I would have to decompose all the affected components or remove the brace layer to make the variable font work. Booth solutions are not really optimum. :man_shrugging:

You need to wait for the next update.

Have you tried adding intermediate layers in the composite glyphs at the same coordinates as the components it includes? That “fixes” the issue.

But it shouldn’t be needed and you need to handle the width (of not automatically aligned layers).

Ok, while waiting I did start with another font update. This time the “S” explodes. Even more complex brace layers. Am I doing something wrong? :sob:
Should I use more masters?
V3.2 (3199) It also used to work with the older Glyphs version. What I did was to add new italic masters.

I need the full master setup to understand this.

It works now! Thanks Georg.