Variable font spacing issue

Hi there, I’m glad to be here again !

I’m starting a new font project. This time I want to deal with variable fonts :grin:
So I’m facing my first issues ! I managed to solve some of them, but I think I’m gonna come here every now and then to call for help :wink:

I set a width axis to my font. When I export it and test it in Axis Praxis, everything is fine.
But when I try in inDesign, the spacing is not following the growth of the width :

Do you guys also deal with that kind of problem ?

  • Try correcting path directions on all masters for all glyphs.
  • Make sure you have the latest version of Glyphs.

Hey @mekkablue and thank you for your answer.
So I corrected path directions, and some masters incompatibility appeared.
I have several times the same problem : the order of my components is not the same in the different masters. How to re-order it ?

With ‘Fix Compatibility’ from the Filter menu you can drag each component on the right column so it matches the component on the left column (or vice versa).

Note that Fix Compatibility is called Shape Order in Glyphs 3.

OK thanks @bogdan_oancea and @FlorianPircher !
So everything is now reordered. I then installed the last cutting-edge version of the app, but I still have exactly the same problem after exporting the variable font :upside_down_face:

InDesign has some issues with Variable fonts:

Thanks @kosbarts it works better in Illustrator & Photoshop indeed…