Variable Font: Steps between Masters show distorted curves (Chrome vs Glyphs)


we have a Variable Font with two Masters (0) and (100):

The preview of the steps in between is flawless and smooth and Glyphs:

In Chrome, Safari and Illustration however, sliding from one curve to another creates dents:

Here’s a video to see it animated. The video is shot from a variable font in Chrome 67.0.3396.99: Dropbox - File Deleted

We tried to position the nodes and handles differently, yet never with a entirely dent-free transition. Diagonally drawn paths seems to be especially tricky.

Does anyone know how position and length of handles affect the display of steps in between and their animation? Are there tricks or way to improve this already? If not, will the rendering of those steps be improved in the near future?

Thank you,

These are kinks caused by two things: first a triplet constellation with both varying angle and varying proportions, and secondly, shallow curve segments which will become jagged when the points are fitted onto the unit grid.

Read this, please (scroll down to Avoiding Kinks):

And consider a bigger curve segment, perhaps with an overlap.

Update: Possibly also a problem that happens in TT conversion, in combination with the shallow curve. The limited coordinate range can be difficult.


Dear Mekka, thank you for your fast and thorough reply! Very helpful. We’ll try out some more and report if we got somewhere!