Variable Font: strange interpolation of nodes and anchors

I am creating an experimental variable font built from units that transform from a single dot to 4 dots. It has ten different masters which seem to export nicely as OTF files, but when exporting as variable the nodes and handles seem to be off when using the font in adobe, even on the masters.

I have created variable fonts before but these were fairly geometric and minimal so forgive me if I’m missing something obvious.

See attached the intention and the exported font in illustrator.

Glyphs does convert the outline to TrueType when exporting variable fonts. variable postscript is not supported, yet (I’m working on it). This conversation can cause issues with unusual curves like this.

Thank You Georg,

Sounds exciting.
Do you have an idea of when it’s likely to be available?

Will still take a while. You can try scaling the font to a higher UPM, e.g. 4000.

And consider using bracket layers. If you switch in the right moment, you can get a better transition when you pull the slider. See the Switching Shapes tutorial.