Variable Font Style Names with another axes (Weight & Width)

Hello together,
this might be a simple thing, but I’m struggling to find the right solution to it.

I have a VF with two axes, weight and width where the second width should be named “Extended”.

When I install the font and try to use it, the sliders for weight and width works perfectly, but the font list (in Figma and Sketch)just ranges from Light to Black in its initial width of course.
My question is, how to name the second width so that I get a Light to Black AND the Extended Light to Extended Black in the font list for selection.

As you can see from the screenshot, the instances below have just their width classes, but I’m not sure how I can give it the name “Extended” as a prefix? I know about the font and style naming in non-Variable Fonts, but how is this handled in Variable Fonts?

Really appreciate any suggestion and help.

Name your Extended styles something like “Extended Bold” (or “Bold Extended”).

Note that the style ordering will take place based on the axes in your font, so if you have the weight axis first and the width axis second, the ordering will be:

Light Extended
Regular Extended
Medium Extended

There’s a mekkablue script called Style Renamer.

Thanks you very much for the help! That worked like a charm.

I believe there is no real solution to have your own order, right?
I saw that each app (Figma, Sketch, Cavalry Photoshop), seems to interpret the order differently.

Not really, no. Apps sort names differently. Axis order is often important, as well as the weight and width classes set for each instance. You can only influence it up to a certain point, though.