Variable Font Vertical Metrics

I have a multiple master file. The vertical metrics are set in the first master. When exporting OTFs or webfonts the vertical metrics align perfectly in InDesign.

When I export a variable font the alignment with the same OTFs from the same file is off. I will attach some images to show what I mean:

Perfect vertical alignment of OTFs.

Alignment is off when comparing the OTFs and VFs

Here are the settings in the master section:

Thankful for any hint or help.
Best – Henning

The position of the first line in Indesign is calculated from the height of the ascender in the ‘d’. That might be different in the default master. Can you add a square in all masters slightly above the existing outline?

Thanks for the quick reply.

I can try this for testing purposes but not for the final fonts since the client has very specific ideas about the glyphs set.

“That might be different in the default master.”

Different from what? The “d” has the same height in the OTF as in the VF since I use the same source glyphs file for the export.

But the origin master might be different than the instance you are looking at.