Variable font width axis has no effect

I’m (finally) experimenting with making a variable font with two axes, weight and width. Only the weight axis works when I test it in Chrome Canary on Axis Praxis. The slider for width is there, and the instance are listed, but only the weight axis works. I’ve tried everything I can think of. I feel like I must be missing something. Is there a step-by-step guide anywhere for making variable fonts in Glyphs? I could find very little detailed information about it. (I realize now I should have taken the workshop about it at ATypI, but I didn’t.)

(Using Version 2.4.3 (1064). Also tried 2.5b, but it didn’t do any better.)

A tutorial is in the works but I didn’t get to do much work on it recently. It sounds like the width values and the slider values are not in sync. Try to redefine the axis positions with the respective parameters in the masters.

How do you mean “in sync”? Weight goes lightest to boldest from 0 to 1000; width goes narrowest to widest from 0 to 1000. I’ve got masters at each corner and two intermediate masters for each width along the weight axis (weight = 500).

Ah, that was it. Switching the width axis to so o is the widest (normal width) fixed it.

This may be off topic, but it seems like the width of the space character never changes when moving the sliders. It should change depending on the weight and width in the design I’m working with. I notice that most (but not all) the other variable font demos on Axis Praxis don’t have this problem. Is this maybe a limitation of the current implementation in Glyphs?

Will look into it. Thanks for pointing out.

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Further, it appears to use the advance width of the space character from the default style for all styles.