Variable font with bracket layers on illustrator

Hi I’m designing a variable font with bracket layers, on glyphs it works fine, I’ve exported it and tryed on font gauntlet and on mekkablue varible font test script and it works fine too. But when I try to use it on Illustrator it doesn’t switch layer. The static font works fine, but not the variable one. How can I solve this problem?

p.s. I’ve also tryed to add a Feature for Feature Variations custom parameter with the value rlig


What version of Illustrator do you have?

illustrator 2020

That version is known for its poor implementation of variable fonts. Please update to the latest version.

I’ve updated illustrator to the latest version but it still doesn’t work, it doesn’t switch layer.

Can you send me the .glyphs file?

renea c1 var 2.glyphs (3.3 KB)
thank you

Works for me in Illustrator 26.0.1. Have you read this: Eliminating Font Cache Problems | Glyphs and this: Testing Your Fonts in Adobe Apps | Glyphs

Sorry for the late reply. I tried eliminating the cache but I still had some problems.
But at the moment this project is in pause, the client shifted towards another concept, so thank for your help, maybe I’ll try again in my spare time.