Variable font with Bracketed Layers not working as expected on Adobe Photoshop


I have characters in a variable font that change shape as they become bolder.
Case in point: the dollar sign $.

I have it setup correctly. When installed the GX variable font file on my system, the bracketed layers of the variable font work correctly on websites. I can see it action when I bump up the font-variation-settings property from 'wght' 499 to 'wght' 500.

But, on Adobe Photoshop, when I use the Weight slider from Text Properties Panel, the bracketed layer is simply ignored. It goes fine from the regular 100 layer to the regular 900 one.

Screenshots attached.

In browser:

In Photoshop:

Thanks :slight_smile:

Try to use the Adone fonts folder to avoid cache problems:

I tried it. Also made sure that the font is not installed on my system. Only exported to the Adobe Fonts folder.
But, it did not work. Issue exists.

I got Work Sans ( It is a variable font.
And it had the exact same issue in Photoshop.

Can anyone else plz check and confirm if they see the same issue?

The bracket layer doesn’t work in Photoshop for me either. But it’s a Photoshop’s problem, it doesn’t work other fonts like Recursive.

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Thanks @alexs for trying. Appreciate it.