Variable Font with Extrapolation

Hello there!

I’m working on a variable font with two masters (regular and bold). If I add some instances (light and black) by extrapolation it works properly in Glyphs, the additional weights are displayed.

But, I can’t use the extrapolated weights in Illustrator. They are shown in the font menu but the light weight is displayed exactly like the regular style and the same with black and bold. If I check the axis only the values from regular to bold are shown.

Do I have to define light and black as masters, too? What would you recommend? And how can I bring the extrapolated forms to a new master?

Thanks in advance for your support.

Variable fonts can’t extrapolate. Glyphs should warn about that when it finds instances that do.

So I have to define the instances as masters? I tried that and it seems to work.

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Yes that’s a possibility.

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Just adding the masters might work but will generate not optimal files.
You might what to remove the previous master. But That depends on the design.

I’m working on this with some students of mine and I think it’s the easiest way for the moment. But of course I’d check if the projects were more extensive. Thanks for your great support!