Variable Fonts in After Effects?

I created some illustrative variable fonts, which I would like to use as moving objects in a video. Does anyone have a suggestion how I can use them in After effects except for making a quicktime player screen recording?
So my problem not really glyphs-related more on how to use it after glyphs!

I am open for any suggestions or alternative ideas, also After Effects is not a must.

Thanks a lot for your help!!

I just recently saw a post somewhere on a Adobe forum that asked for variable font support in After Effects. But until then, the old methods have to do.

In After Effects, probably the only way (?) at the moment is to copy the outlines to Masks (aka “shape morphing”).

Hi Charlotte,

Currently exploring the possibilities of the AE script “Type Morph” by aescripts:

While we wait for Adobe to support variable fonts :man_shrugging:


Also, check out Cavalry App - it has decent Variable Font support. There’s a learning curve but the app is pretty cool.


Haven’t tried it yet, but I just found this plugin. VariFont from Aescripts.

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