Variable Fonts & Overlapping

Hello I have a question regarding overlaps when it comes to variable fonts.
As I’ve learned overlaps should not be removed while designing a variable font.
However I thought when exporting a variable font, you should remove the overlaps via the export window? I’m asking this because I’ve came across a variable font, a client proposed, where you can see (if I vectorise the letters in InDesign) that the overlaps where not removed.
I also have to mention that it’s a Google font (which I am always a bit critical of) and by the chance given also wanted to ask the community of their thoughts on Google & Adobe fonts.

As always thanks a lot!

Overlaps stay in the variable font. So that’s okay, in principle.

What I wouldn’t do is the overlap solution in E, P, L and at the top of R, see the Variable Fonts tutorial.

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Danke Rainer!