Variable Fontz in InDesign?

I get this when trying out a Variable font in InDesign. In Illustrator it works as it should. Anyone?

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InDesign lets you choose instances for all variable fonts, but the sliders only work with CFF2 variable fonts.

I have the same problem.
In Illustrator everything works nicely.
But in InDesign (CC 2020) the sliders get stuck after a second.
I did some testing - & found that removing all instances from the font [or having only 1 instance] fixes the issue with InDesign.

What does this mean? :thinking:

Interesting. Will need to do some research. But a bug report to Adobe is certainly not a wrong thing.

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Interesting. Will try that. Are Variable Fonts even supposed to have instances is a question that pops up in my mind?

Another font actually worked with the sliders, even in TT-format. The sliders were indeed fixed to the instances, but no strange [Weight-bla-bla] in the font menu at least for that font. That font had two weight masters and two Italic masters. The first one had three weight masters.

I think what was meant was defined styles.

Yes, but from a bigger perspective, should they? Maybe not. We will anyhow ship the single weights separately for at least 20 years.