Variable Height hght

I was looking at a design agency’s website and noticed their animated logo on the bottom of the page. Interested to see how it was done i can see that this uses a variable font where the axis is hght. I can’t see an option for height in glyphs and not sure if you can change the height of a glyph? Or are they simply using hght as the axis name and scaling the letter (possibly a single ligature) beyond the ascender?

It’s a very cool use of a variable font and I’d like to try it myself.

You can add a “Height” axis in Font Info > Font. Then it works just like the Weight or Width axis.

Would the glyph then extend beyond the ascender?

They have it that the ascender it at the max height. So the “normal” drawing is very small.

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Thanks @GeorgSeifert
I’m going to have a play with height as a variable and see what I can make.