Variable incompatibility


I’ve managed to get a variable font working with 3 axis before but having applied the same set-up to a new font it keeps telling me on export that the “‘a’ is incompatible”. Have checked in the fix compatibility tab and all seems ok. Any common problems or issues I should look out for?

Thanks a lot!

Make sure your anchors match and that there are no stray points hiding in your outlines.

Have you read the Multiple Master tutorials?

Have made sure of this but still no blue lines connecting the instances :confused:

Yes have been through but and it should be working but I havn’t even got the blue node lines. Is there anywhere i can send a screen or file. Confused why this doesn’t work but others do.

You need at least on interpolating instance or add the “Force compatibility” custom parameter to the font.

I have ‘enforce compatibility check’ in use but can see the ‘force compatibility’. I also a have the font interpolating fine with 2 axis (width/height) but when i add the third (weight) they all break.