Variable Interpolation Confusion

Hello everyone.

I have a question regarding the interpolation between masters and brace layers.
I have a setup with 2 masters (Ultralight & Extrablack), for some Glyphs I have 2 brace layers, which kick in at the weight of the Thin & Regular (since the contrast in some areas were too strong without the brace layers). My question now is: Does for example the Light weight still get interpolation from the 2 masters (Ultralight & Extrablack) or the 2 brace layers (Thin & Regular)?

As always thanks a lot!

So you have four “masters” in a row: Ultralight, Thin, Regular, Extrablack. and the Light instance is between Thin and Regular? Then it should be interrelated between those two.

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Thanks for the fast response Georg!

To clarify my setup, here are some screenshots.

As stated before, I only use Brace Layers for certain Glyphs (a,b,d,g, etc.).
And yes the Light Instance is between Thing & Regular.


I wonder why you need two brace layers. One should be enough.
And don’t put the “5” in the braces. And you don’t need the name. So it should just be {172} and {420}