Variable metrics in variable font

When I export a variable font from Glyphs which has different vertical metrics in the masters, I find that when I inspect the fonts, these metrics – when checked (fe in Samsa) – are not changing along with the variation settings.

I know that this is possible, as the same parser I use shows a change for other fonts that I tested (in this case it comes from a Robofont user).

Is there something missing in the export via Glyphs, or do I need to add a custom parameter or sth for the vertical metrics to change?

001 Quick Test Font.glyphs (2.2 KB)

Glyphs doesn’t support MVAR, yet.

Thanks! Is that in the making?
Could that be added via fonttools?

In what environment do you need that/where is it supported.

you can add that with fontTools, if you figure it out :wink:

For an inspection tool similar to that. I was wondering why it works with some fonts and doesn’t with others and thought the fonts are somehow kaputt.

Have support for the above been added or is it even possible.?
Have a project where the cap height is significantly different across the variable range, and wondered if it would be possible to let the Vert Met change with the var axis.