Variable Offset Curve plugin?

Is there a plugin that allows you to vary the offset distance of a curve along the length of a path?


Not yet.

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LTTR/INK might be what you are looking for.

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That looks great - will add to the shopping list, since it’s Glyphs v3 only.

Hi @Cormullion, LTTR/INK supports Glyphs 2 as well.

Thanks, I gave it a try.

Getting it past Apple’s “this is corrupted/not runnable” barriers was a pain, but I got it working eventually.

I like a lot about this plug-in: it mostly does the job well, and is a quick way to build a basic outline based on a linear spine. However, I found it difficult to get some of the shapes I was seeking; for example getting square-ended strokes wasn’t easy, and generally I found the extra four control points difficult to see and select - they need to be in a different colour.

I think there should also be more documentation about how it works - eg the Master dialog could do with explanation… And I didn’t like the way it applied to every glyph - it seems to assume that if you’ve selected “all glyphs” in the tool panel it will apply to all glyphs, even those that haven’t had any skeletons defined… It should probably only affect “all glyphs that have been built from skeletons”?

It’s a good plugin and reasonably good value at €50.