Variable Pixel Font


I was just playing around following the excellent tutorial on making a pixel font! Is it possible to do a variable pixel font? I’ve had a little play and i’m encountering plenty of errors.

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What errors are you encountering? This is normally absolutely possible.

Hello! Layers in the glyphs non-compatible…

How are you drawing your pixel font? What are you trying to interpolate?

Well i’ve got a Bold and a regular… i’ve also got quite a few instances, so I did initially want to go from circular pixel to square pixel. But now I just want to go from regular to Bold.

The number and structure of the pixels need to match in all layers.
If you need it change the number of pixels, you can use alternate layers (bracket layers) or alternate glyphs and manually add feature variations.
Search for those terms here in the forum or in Learn | Glyphs

Ahh, so would you recommend I do bracket layers?

This is the bold version

A pixel font doesn’t leant itself to be a variable font. A variable font is good at smoothly transition between different shapes. Pixel fonts are by design discrete steps. So it. Seems that it might be better to export a bunch of static fonts.

At least you need to have a good concept what should be interpolated. Just switching static shapes wouldn’t be worth the effort.

Okie dokie, when I export as a static font it only exports the regular weight and doesn’t export the bold… any ideas :man_facepalming:

Did you add instance for both? Search for “multiple master” on the learn page.

I did, there’s an instance for both - showing up in text preview.

Then should get two font files. Check the axes coordinates in the masters and instances.

Sorted, Thank you!!!