Variable SVGs for logos/icons

Sorry if this has been asked before, but I could find a thread about it.

I am wondering if it is possible to implement the feature of a variable font into an single icon or logo which can be used as svg file on the web. I have a feeling that this might be very useful regarding responsive design solutions.

Mainly I am thinking about a logo, which changes its spaces and weights dependent on the size it is in use.

I know, one solution might be to create a font file and use the different weight/spacing versions as different font styles, but I was wondering if the is another way to use this technique for logos and icons.

Not as SVG. But you can make a variable font with just one glyph.

Why does it have to be SVG?

It is possible to make a variable COLR/CPAL font.

I thought having just a single (variable) vector file makes it easier to implement.

But if I understand it correctly the function is implemented in font files only atm.

There is a format that uses svg, json and javascript. We use it for the animation on our website.

That’s interesting. But is it controllable dynamically? I does it change it’s appearance due to e.g. dimensions?

I’m not sure about the details. But it should be possible.