Variable with 2 axis in 6 Masters

Converting a type system in 2 axes (Width and Weight) into a variable font.
In 6 Masters: Condensed Hairline, Condensed Bold, Normal Hairline, Normal Black, Wide Hairline, Wide Black.

The weight axes are between 100 and 900 in the Normal and Wide master, but it only goes up to 700 in the Condensed master.

An extrapolation is happening on the weight axes between 700 and 900 when the width axes is on the Condensed values.

Is there a way to make the width axes stop at 700 instead of going all the way to 900 when the width axes is in the condensed value?

Does the Condensed Bold 700 master need to be duplicated and placed also as Condensed Black 900 master? Making the system 7 masters instead of 6? or?

Thank you,


No matter what you do, Glyphs 2 requires a rectangular master setup. I would post-process the file with TTX, and insert an avar table.

Thank you Rainer for the advice.

Duplicating the Bold 700 and making it Black 900 solved the problem for now. The quick easy fix.
The problem is that it makes the file heavier.

I need to read about avar and fvar tables and familiarise myself with them.
I should download and work on TTX/FontTools?