[Variation Font] error on OTTableWriter data

Hej there,
tried to export a well interpolation 2-axis-6-masters file to a Variation Font. (normal OTF TTF export is working)
got an 556 -[OTTableWriter data] error and am using Version 2.5b (1119).
(OT-features on:off made no difference, using no brace layers but brackets)
any ideas where to possible locate the reason in my files?

Could you send me the file?

send to suport@
thanks for debugging!

That is a subtable overflow. I’ll improve the error message.

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Thanks for the testing.
The custom parameter Use Extension Kerning solved it.

Now just an interpolation bug (visible in fontviewv) in the /dollar (bracket-trick) is to solve.
It interpolates / breakpoints well in the static version.

@GeorgSeifert if you gave time you may check this in the fies i sent you.

This afternoon i will check browsers as well to see if it’s a google-fontview or a Variablefont problem.

I could fix the variation of your dollar. Thanks again for the file.

files are send (glphs files and GX.ttf plus HTML with an axis-transition to illustrate the problem)
its in all brace-layer glpyhs (/cent /dollar /hryvnia)

thanks for the fast help!
updated to beta-version 1122 and it works.