Variation Font Origin with two axes?

How is the Variation Font Origin custom parameter supposed to work with two axes? Using a single parameter (one of the weight masters, for instance) seems to disable the other axis in the generated font. Is there a way to enter values for multiple axes?

There can only be one origin. It is the master that is used as default outlines in the glif table.

So then why does the Width axis seem to be disabled when I use this parameter? (At least this is what happens when I test it in Chrome on Axis-Praxis. The Width axis slider is displayed, but has no effect.)

Edit: Scratch that. Never mind, for now.

Never mind the “never mind”…

Here’s what I’m seeing when I include the Variation Font Origin custom parameter (set to “SemiBold” master): Screen capture

Then there is something else wrong with the setup. Can you send me the file?


FWIW, the Width axis works okay if I leave out the custom parameter.

It should work fine with the latest update (1076). With your file, there are some problems with TrueType hints. I’ll fix that.

Are you saying it wasn’t exporting with the cutting edge version I was using (1073) because of problems with the TT hints? or was it the version I was using? Currently, it tells me the latest cutting edge version available is 1075. Also, will this fix the problem with the custom parameter disabling the axis?

Anyway, thanks!

Ah, 1075 works, and the problem with the customer parameter and the disabled axis is gone.

Ignore what I was saying about not seeing 1076. (It’s confusing to have the official release and the cutting edge release both installed. I forgot which way the update checking preference was set.)

BTW, what was the problem with the TT hints? I see that I can only get it to work correctly (in Illustrator 2018 and on Axis-Praxis) if I remove the TT hints.