Version 2.2 (818) release notes

It is not easy to follow-up all improved functions and new issues; particularly in reference to user reports or requests via the forum.
I’m wondering if it would be possible to briefly explain the following notes from the recent version release:
• New: Pasting a partial path replaces the path selection.
I saw this note in previous Beta versions but it didn’t works as described.

• Glyphs now offers to decompose compounds when referenced glyphs are deleted
This is definitely a useful function… though if by mistake a component glyph was deleted “Undo” is not possible, and an attempt to REVERT to last saved version results a crash !!

Also, kindly explain the following notes:

  • Instance Preview parameter for the previewed glyphs in File > Font Info > Instances. It takes a list of glyph names.
  • New: smaller grid for offcurve nodes in coarse grid/subdivision
  • Fixed scaling to different UPM with un-aligned components
  • Improved glyph width if no advance width is given in the .glif file.

and how does the following affects old/postponed files?:

  • Glyphs now cleans up its Temp folder: files older than two months are

These are explained in detail in the blogpost about 2.2.

This was a bugfix in one of the early 2.1.1 cutting edge version. If you were not affected by it, you don’t need to bother. The Scale to UPM custom parameter works as expected now.

Only inside the Temp folder, with which you usually don’t have to deal, files older than two months are deleted. Not sure what you mean with ‘postponed’.