Version number limitation

Is there any particular reason why setting the version number 0.001 is deprecated by Glyphs? According to the OT specifications it should be valid.
During the development phase, I personally find useful to define milestones using version numbers 0.XXX. While for the first official release I would use V1.000.

I have a look

Hej there,
I have another question about the version number. After I’ve generated my fonts, the Version appears like this:

Version 1.000;PS 000.003;hotconv 1.0.70;makeotf.lib2.5.58329

When I look into my previous generated fonts, generated with this other font editor (not further mentioning)

I recommend not to do this. A rasteriser can read out these other three version numbers stored in your version string, and adapt the rasterisation accordingly.

If you still want to change your version number, you can use TTX/FontTools or OTMaster for that. But, again, I do not recommend it.

Ok, I see… If that’s so, then I will stick with it. Thanks for explaining.