Versus sign in the font

  1. A client wants to have a versus sign in the font. The only one unicoded is from the Enclosed Alphanumeric Supplement Block - Squared VS. Can I put it in the char map with the Uni1F19A as a name?
  2. What is the smartest way to recall it in the font? Discretionary Ligature maybe?

Don’t add a unicode and call it v_s.dlig.

Like this? 41


Vielen dank.

With a slash in the middle? In that case, consider v_slash_s.dlig and you can automate the feature code again.

It will be divided by some line, not sure if slash, but I’ll have it to recall .dlig. If they type letter v followed by slash and s with .dlig on it will become the versus sign. Is it ok?

Yes. Discretionary ligatures are off by default and have to be consciously activated by the user.

If you want to do it more automatic or on by default, like in liga or calt, I would make sure it is a standalone word:

lookup versus {
	ignore sub @AllLetters v' slash' s';
	ignore sub v' slash' s' @AllLetters;
	sub v' slash' s' by v_slash_s.dlig;
} versus;

This excludes situations where the sequence v/s is part of a bigger string, like kursiv/slanted for instance.