Vert opentype feature problem

In Adobe InDesign, Illustrator I found a vertical opentype feature problem.

Latin for vertical text (e.g. A.vert, B.vert, h.vert… ),
numbers for vertical text (e.g. one.vert, two.vert…)
and some punctuation marks for vertical text (e.g. period.vert, comma.vert) are not printed.
They were also not found in Postscript.

They are visible on the screen and pdf file.
They are invisible when printed.

I use Glyphs 3.1 (3133)
I use Indesign 18.2.1
I use Illustrator 27.4.1

I attached a screen capture.

Could you send me the .otf file?

And can you please update to the latest version (3.1.2-3151)?

Hello GeorgSeifert.
I send e-mail to tim
email’s name is ‘[Glyphs Forum] Vert opentype feature problem’

I update glyphs too. Thank you.