Vertical alignment

Hey all - I am wondering how to set the vertical alignment with Glyphs? I have two fonts, one aligns with the bottom of my labels, the other aligns with the top of my labels.

Is this a font setting? I ticked of auto alignment but no success. I am very new to fonts and hoping there’s a quick solution for this.


Can you post a screenshot?

Please note how the first font is aligned to the top of my labels, where the second font is aligned to the bottom. 0AM.png

Which app is this? Different apps handle it differently.

What do you mean by ‘labels’? The text boxes?

So I figured this out. I used FontLab Studio 5 to replace all my Western characters in my Arab font (1 drag and drop). When I saved it, the alignment was bottom.

This app was Unity3D
Labels are UILabels from the NGUI plugin (yes, text boxes)

Have all fonts the same vertical metrics (ascender and descender)?

Some text engines determine the offset of the first line be the highest element in the font. If one font has a very hight accent it might move down in the text box.