Vertical kana alternates absent from vrt2

It seems auto-generated vrt2 feature lacks rules for hiragana and katakana, unlike vert. Is this intended behaviour? According to the description below, vrt2 is supposed to be a superset of vert.

Apple’s TextEdit in vertical writing mode ignores vert if vrt2 is present in the font (as described), so this makes the rendering all wrong.

Thanks for the report, will look into it.
Which app version are you using?

I’m currently using Glyphs 2.6.4 (1272).

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Now what’s up with this problem? A blog post is up detailing how to circumvent this and make Glyphs-generated fonts work properly in many apps:

Actually I have come up with similar workaround: disabling auto-generation of the feature vrt2 and manually correct it.

By the way I was not aware that this thread was essentially a duplicate of this one, sorry about that:

See the other thread for further discussions on this topic.