Vertical metrics will not result in clipping on Windows (MyFonts validator)

This is what MyFonts Validator says about the font:

We’ve tested your fonts to ensure that when used on Windows, the ascenders and descenders will not appear clipped or cut off. It is good practice to ensure that your vertical metrics also accommodate your diacritics.

Here’s a tutorial about vertical metrics:

This a screenshot of my master setup.

I followed the Glyphs tutorial about the strategies but I can’t get to pass the validator, i can’t figure out why it keeps alert me on this, since there is no possible clipping shapes with those metrics.


What is your highest glyph?

Tried your script but the Macro panel opens and nothing appears… empty console.

Which script? And did you make sure you have the latest version?

Test > Report highest and lowest glyphs. It opens an empty Macro window. Git repo is up to date.

Just used your Vertical Metrics manager script and solved the issue! :slight_smile: Thanks!

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Did you find out what was the problem?

About your H&L script no. It keeps opens the Macro…