Vertical Metrics

I’m trying to change the default line height for a typeface. I’ve been lowering the descender value, lowering the ascender value both in the general font metrics on each master, but also tried to write down stuff in the custom parameter on each master to make things change.

Whatever I change, the leading in InDesign does not change at all, it looks exactly the same. In Glyphs preview it responds to what I do however which makes me wonder: Does Glyphs do some autostuff in the background when exporting the font, based on the highest and lowest point in the font? What’s going on? :slight_smile:

How to change this manually if I want a smaller line height as default?

Indesign uses the upm * 1.2 as default line spacing. The ascender might be used to calculate get first line in a text box.

Oh, i see. Thanks! Makes sense, because I tried everything. This means I need to either make the letters bigger on the current UPM or change the UPM to a lower value, right?

You can actually define yourself in InDesign which value is taken to fit the text box, Ascender, Cap height or for example base line.

Yes, but I think most users keep the defaults and the 120% value, so this is for them – and also for them who don’t read manuals. Basically the client wants a tighter line height as default, to force the client to use it ”right” – so we are thinking of ways to do this out-of-the-box.

I get your idea and philosophy, but this only works in a custom setting. If your customer is only working in one software. As soon you want to get the same result in other settings (e.g. other software) you might encounter other problems.

Jacques is right. Don’t waste too much energy on that. Every app does it differently, and some apps (e.g. by Adobe) even do it multiple ways. And sometimes they change from one version to another.

If you do want to dive deeper, please read the Vertical Metrics tutorial.