Vertical space above glyphs in browser?


You might also try the hheaLineGap.


Hi George, I can’t see that hheaLineGap makes any difference either (testing large and small numbers), and textedit still being the only app I can test that LineGap makes a difference.

Going back to your initial example parameters you provided you had typoLineGap set to 0, but the parameter was present. Most commercial fonts I have checked have either a low number (20-30) or 200 for typoLineGap. But they all have the typoLineGap parameter.

Is there a risk in not adding any typoLineGap?



The line gap values are used to fill up the missing space, so all three methods (win, typo, hhea) add up to the same sum.


Thanks Rainer. I think I understand what lineGap is supposed to do but it’s not making any visible effect when I test type and hhea. Ive not seen a font that uses win or hhea linegap , but they always have the typoLineGap parameter.

If I understand the tutorial correctly, OS/2 values (typo) should be making a difference in XPress (which I don’t have so can’t test) and InDesign which I can test but it’s not having any effect on line spacing whether a huge value or small.

Even though I can’t see the result in my apps, is there is a chance the typesetting might look odd in another app if typoLineGap isn’t set as a parameter? Or am I just not getting it?


As in any DTP app, the distance between lines is set by the user, also in InDesign. typoLineGap should therefore not make a difference. The difference you see is the first line offset in the text box. Quoting the tutorial:

The big layout apps, XPress and InDesign, use the typoAscender and typoDescender values to determine the offset of the first baseline in a text box and the minimum size of a text box below which the display of type is suppressed.

You have multiple options in the text box dialog, and at least one of them recognises the typoAscender.


Absolutely, the user determines the space between the lines, whether in InDesign or Wordpress or Word… so what’s the point of typoLineGap?


It is used for default linespacing in Office apps.


Thanks Rainer! Makes sense as the only places I see it make a difference are Word, Pages and Textedit.
I appreciate all of your and George’s help with this.