Vertical width?

I am working on a file which have both horizontal and vertical writing characters.
What I want to edit is the blue area shown below.

The ‘vertical width’(I mean, height) seems to control that area. Can I edit vertical width of multiple characters at once?
I know how to edit one by one, but I don’t know how to edit a lot of characters at once.
Or, do you have any other suggestions to edit that area?

I do not know much about Python, and I just started using Glyphs.

Activate list mode in font view. Vertical metrics were added to the columns in the recent cutting edge versions (Preferences > Updates). Still is not batch editing, but it gives you a list you can go through quickly.

Do you have any plans to add a batch editing for next update? If there’s a quick way of editing vertical width, my work will be much easier.

A little Python will help you here. Window > Macro Panel and type this:

for thisLayer in Glyphs.font.selectedLayers:
   thisLayer.TSB = 50
   thisLayer.BSB = 50

This will set all selected top and bottom sidebearings to 50.

You can learn the Python for writing simple scripts in an afternoon. Start here:

After reading through the four parts of the tutorial, all you will need to write Glyphs scripts is the API documentation:

This helps a lot. Thank you.