Video showing Glyphs being used to design a typeface

I’ve watched the short screencasts on the getting started page and they’re good. Then I stumbled across the following YouTube video:

Typerobics: Type design exercises. Webinar by Fontlab Ltd. with Fábio Duarte Martins

which was over 80 minutes watching Fábio Duarte Martins develop the first 10 or so glyphs of a font, in FontLab. (I skipped the first 10 minutes…)

I’m interested to know if there are any similar extended videos showing Glyphs being used ‘in real time’? If I had to say something negative about the current Glyphs videos, I could say that they’re a bit ‘brisk’. Or am I just too slow? :slight_smile:

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The button with the two vertical stripes is for pausing the video. SCNR.

There are long tutorials on, and on Video2Brain, Jakob Runge explains his type design process (in German). Search for tutorials on YouTube, you will find quite a few things. And you can go to real-life workshops. Many of them are announced on the blog.

ikr :smile:

I’ll investigate your leads, thanks…

I’d love to go to a workshop (although unfortunately I don’t leave the house very often…) And I understand that free video screencasts aren’t always commercially viable… :slight_smile:

to mekkablue,

Do you know if the Jakob Runge videos are available in English as they seem to have a good overview.


You will have to ask @jakob_runge.

@Vividi: tutorials on video2brain are for the German speaking marked only.

But as glyphs is quite intuitive and the tutorias right here on its homepage are really good prepared, you will easily get into the software just by trying.

I do recommend reading handbooks though. It’s short, and answers many of the questions posted in the forum. Often overlooked too.

As someone who has used illustrator in the past to draw dozens of typefaces, Im looking for a easy to understand step by step guide on creating a typeface using Glyphs. Setting some initial guides and drawing basic letters. Anyone know where I could uncover these Lynda videos? Multiple searches on their site only shows a few tutorials about creating icon fonts using Glyphs, but nothing around creating actual fonts using Glyphs.

As a graphic designer I have some knowledge of typography but do not have a deeper understanding of font design and so far it seems all the materials on this site cater to people with an inside knowledge and understanding of this craft.

Take a Look at the sketching tutorial to get you started, and watch out for workshops in your vicinity.

Am I wrong about though? It was previously mentioned that has loads of tutorials but all I could find was a series of videos teaching one to make a icon font, and one of the video clips was some brief mention of Glyphs app. Do you know where on Lynda I can find these?

Jakob Runge did such a tutorial video in German for video2brain. I would not know of something in English, but have not checked. A quick search on Youtube and Vimeo brings up a few things, too.